A Day At A Con! (Dragon Con 96)

The Costume Contest!

The contest contingent to the Con came in and put on a contest Ascenion Ceremony for all of us to see and appreciate so I thought I'd give them a page to themselves.

Click on the picture to go to the given page.

1Lady Godiva and her shiny white horse
2Lady Godiva gets down to business with a poke at the new PG rule for the contest. BTW, the sign went soon after...
3The obligatory Crow custume
4A lovely Mermaid on a cart. Everyone was hoping her hand would slip...
5Joan of Arc? With a light-saber?
6Joan again
7Jason was really cool...
8Part of a western skit...
10Alien retards? I don't know what the hell these were...
11A really cool Gargoyle
12A Klingon
13Toy Story
14Toy Story - Buzz Lightyear with a soldier in the background
15A swordplay demonstration/skit
16The guy always gets the girl...
17Pebbles, BamBam and Dino with a little Star Trek action thrown in... Now kids, its not nice to pull Dino's tail and shoot him with a phaser!
18Dino and BamBam again
19BamBam needed a little guidance to get on stage...
20Shi, fully robed
21Shi, partially robed
22Shi, fully disrobed

Photos by John Morgan.
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All images © 1996-2009 by John Morgan