A Day At A Con! (Dragon Con 96)

The GWAR Guys!

The guys from Gwar were enjoying the con and keeping a booth and wondering around making an enjoyable spectacle so I thought I'd give them a page to themselves.

BTW, I would have had some shots of Gwar on stage but I couldn't get within a mile of it and they wouldn't let me back stage. Such is life...

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1"Where is Gwar?!?"
2 Wandering the show looking for Gwar. This guy wandered the show for hours looking for Gwar and when he found him there was a spectacular battle...
3 The Gwar guys hanging around thier booth, cute butt-cheeks and all...
4Gwar himself!
5 A female monster costume used in the concert. Uh, watch out for the teeth!

Photos by John Morgan.
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