A Day At A Con! (Dragon Con 96)

The People!

The best part (for me) of going to a Con is the People. They are all just so interesting I can't get enough of them. They are all really friendly and interesting to look at and talk to.

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1 I liked the way the light was hitting her face. Check out my drawing of her.
2A leather shop attendant
3Uh, I really liked those shorts!
4A tough guy pose
5A nice profile
6 Ths happiest face at the con! Check out my drawing of her.
7An interview
8Some warriors
9Cool hair cut...
10A thoughtfull pose
11I like the dress
12Same girl (with a friend) working a table for a musical act
13The musician
14Nice whip
15Family values?
16Cool dress and piercings
17Hey, its Cat Woman!
18Another musical group in attendance, they were really entertaining
19Ack! Even Hellraiser was in attendance!
20An interesting outfit
21An even MORE interesting outfit. Frankenfurter always shows up at these events!
22The light was nice and the purple hair interesting.
23Uh, I think I know who's in charge of this group!
24Chomping at the bit again...
25The heroin of Heavy Metal made her appearance
26Nice dress and hair. I see this girl everywhere! One of these days I'll have the courage to say hello.
27I really like the hair and nose ring!
28Another nice profile
29Yet another nice profile

Photos by John Morgan.
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All images © 1996-2009 by John Morgan