A Day At A Con! (Dragon Con 97)

The Costume Contest

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1 At the end of the show the gang lined up. Cute crowd!
2 The Martians are here! Where's Bugs?
3 Not to sure what this was, but I liked it!
4 Watch all your valuables, there's a Kender loose!
5 Not to sure what this was, but I very afraid!
6 This amazon was well over 6 foot tall.
7 I think this guy was the Burger King!
Correction: This is (Glenn Gass as) Lord O'Beace. The Nordic God Of Pizza!
8 Quite a good Imperial Storm Trooper
9 A cleric or mage
10 Nice cat suit
11 Looks like Jason got out again
12 Don't know what the hell these gals were. They just got up on stage and started rolling around on it seductively licking themselves and each other in feline fashion for an overly long period of time.
13 This young Kilrathi salescriter wash trying to push some kind of wonder furball medicine on us. Looks like his kind would definitely have serious use for it.. How bout some for those two gals in the previous pics.

Correction Will Robinson! This is NOT a Kilrathy _or_ a Kzinti! It is the dreaded "Fur"-minator (pun intended) busily trying to convince us to buy his newest product, to quote: "Wharf N'More! The revolutionary hairball treatment for sentient felinoid races." My thanks to Bill Redfern for the wonderful costume, an interesting product sales pitch and the correct data! :)
15 These guys were great! The Men In Black Tights did a very entertaining song and dance routine for us. Very enjoyable, thanks guys!
16 Another shot of the Men In Black Tights. Check out the fancy raygun crossbows!
17 Can't quite remember just what the deal was with this lovely young lass, but she sure seemed to have all the Men In Black Tights fighting over her.
18 A cute young space-gal
19 A Knight and his Lady
20 This Man In Black has him a naughty young alien in custody
22 Purgatory! The comic character that is.. So, were do we line up to go to hell?
23 More Purgatory
25 Did you know that a certain Bald Captain doesn't have a day job, but does have a hot little night job whenever he comes to earth. The women all seem to like him..
26 Anyony for a Big Boy?
27 Uh, nice costume, wicked attitude
29 One of the Deep Space Nine Aliens, really excellent costume!
30 A Klingon couple
31 Another Klingon couple
32 A couple of Klingon females
34 Xena!
35 The obligatory futuristic warriors in capes
36 These gals put on a nice little Wild Wild West show for us
37 More of the western gals
40 A Lady
41 Another Lady
42 I have NO IDEA!
43 Anyone wanna to buy a baby dragon?
44 One of the Hell Raiser cuties
45 A Lady knighting her Hero
46 More of the Hero and the Lady
48 Awsome Preditor costume!
49 A cute little Ewok
50 The youngest contestant was already a full Wizard!
The X-Men! What a truly awsome set of costumes!

Wolverine: Scott Crawford
Rogue: Betty Ann
Colossus: B.J.
NightCrawler: Steve
Beast: John
Gambit: Joe Boudrie
53 Run! Its Darth Vader!!!

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----------- BEGIN GRIPE ZONE -----------

The stage was too low! Even with the audience sitting down, you couldn't see anything below crotch (and at best mid thigh) level. Several contestants got on hands and knees and thus dissapeared completely.

Last year the contest was in a real theater with sloped seating. It was great! This year was a big room with stage. Being a costume contest it would have been nice to see the costumes. As an example here is one of the best costumes from last year and how it would have appeared to the audience this year.
Last year:
This year if you were near the front else

Also, last year the light temperature of the spots was appropriate for daylight film thus allowing for good color with existing light photography. The same was not true this year and I found myself without the appropriate filter.

Can we have the real theater back please..

----------- END GRIPE ZONE -----------

Photos by John Morgan.
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