A Day At A Con! (Dragon Con 97)

Folks wandering the halls!

The best part (for me) of going to a Con is the People. They are all just so interesting I can't get enough of them. They are all really friendly and interesting to look at and talk to.

I could use more info on the people and costumes shown on this page. So if you have any more info please contact me and I'll update the page for you. Also, if you're in the Atlanta area and have costumes you would like photographed (for free) contact me.

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1 Spiderman's arch nemisis, the Green Goblin), caught napping!?! The Black Cat had fun posing with him, knowing he had no idea what was going on. BTW, the Green Goblin is actually Scott Crawford and the Black Cat is Betty Ann. I got a chance to talk to Betty for a while after this shot, and she seemed like a really nice person.
2 A pretty good Klingon
3 A really excellent Preditor costume!
4 An interesting elf.. Very green!
5 Cool hair-do, and hipp tattoo.
6 Just pipples
7 An interesting couple
8 Vicious Scarecrow costume! Notes: The costume was made by Billy Messina and used to help promote the Netherworld Hounted House. I may have to check it out next year!
9 Xena and Gabrielle
10 Not sure what the hell this was..
11 Now this makes for an interesting group
12 Apollo Smile and a really big amazon woman
14 All hail Obi-Wan!
15 Ohhh.. She's a cute little devil..
16 Do you have any idea just how hard it is to get a couple of Kilgons to pose together without getting the camera smashed in the process?!?
17 I'm not sure just what the hell this thing was other than that it sure was BUTT UGLY!!!
18 Ahh.. Those Elite Imperial Guards get all the girls..
20 Quick, someone open thw blinds, the Count's gotten loose!
21 Ya know, Imperial Storm Troopers will hang out with just anybody!
22 Here are a couple of dark ladies with bright dispositions.. :)
23 Why, this Klingon really hates Tribbles!
24 A closeup of the Klingon Tribble torture device used above
26 A dark outfit
27 Another dark outfit
28 I didn't know that Rogue and the Sailor girls hung together!?!
Rogue = Betty Ann; Sailor Moon = Leslie Culton
30 Time for a close-up
31 From Deep Space Nine
32 The Rune Staff was really well done, nice costume in general
33 This is one wicked looking group of Orcs!
34 Oh, sh*t, they have a human child, somebody save him before he becomes lunch!
35 Hail the brave warrior
36 A mistress (with fangs) and her slave.. Seems to be quite a happy slave to me..
37 Ok...
39 How bout a drink and a quick assimilation baby..
40 Dark Elves?
41 A Big Boy, Snow-Balls, and whipped cream. Sounds like its time for a party!
43 Nice look.
44 Now that's some Big hair for a boy!
45 Its Angela!
46 Not sure what she was but the little blue ball in here hair was lit and spun on its axis.
47 Count Dracul
49 A people
50 another people
51 more people
52 and even more people. Nice face painting on one of them.
53 An interesting mask
54 I can't recall what you call one of these things, but it looked nice..
55 Ack, the UV layer must be completely gone! People are growing cows out of thier backs!
56 Very, very pink hair.
58 This thing was trying to hex us from above

Hey, it's Lilu!

Now it's Vampirella!

Leslie Culton as Vampirella.

Wadda ya think, time for a Vampirella/Star Wars Crossover?

Awe, come on Vampirella! His neck's all white and pasty and you're gonna have to chew through all kinds of plastic to even get there! Wouldn't you prefer my pretty, warm pink skin and throbbing, vibrant blood vessels?

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Photos by John Morgan.
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