A Day At A Con! (Dragon Con 97)

Post-Contest Costume Lineup

These shots were taken after the Costume Contest where the contestants come out to show off thier costumes to the cameras. I would love to have gotten shots of more of the contestants but many never came out for us (see gripe zone at the end of this page).

Click on the little picture to see the bigger picture.

1 The swashbuckling amazon
2 Our Furry Salesman again
3 The Hero and his Lady
4 The western gals again
5 Jason looks even better this year
6 Men In Back Tights
7 Men In Back Tights
8 Don't Kender usually come in gaggles?
9 At least the Martian does'nt have his weapon with him
10 A better look at Pergatory, and a nice look it is..
12 More Purgatory

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----------- BEGIN GRIPE ZONE -----------

The audience is told to wait till after the contest for this lineup to take pictures (no blinding flashes) therefore I was greatly dissapointed that only about 1/3 of the contestants came out for photos! I'm really glad I took pictures during the show (big fast lens, no flash)! I'm told that there used to be a contest rule that if you were in the contest, you had to go throught the photo linup. I wish they would reinstate that rule! The entire, wonderful X-Men brigade was no where to be seen! My only other gripe was that the picture taking area was just entirely too small. People were packed in like sardines, miserable, and the contestants could barely get through.

----------- END GRIPE ZONE -----------

Photos by John Morgan.
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