A Day At A Con! (Dragon Con 97)

Costume Contest Warm-up

This page captures some of the happenings going on before the costume contest.

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1 The evening started off with a band. I was not impressed though it seems as some were, maybe I'm getting old. They did have a little kid for a drummer who was actually really good. Kid had some talent. The groups wasn't supposed to be part of the pre-costume contest warm up but since everything was running late they went ahead and let everyone in.
2 Not sure exactly what the point was of dropping trow, but it was about the low point for me..
3 You probably had to be there to really appreciate this one, but you have NOT seen it all until you've seen a couple of Borg really get down and boogy! These guys had the entire house in an uproar, hilarious!
5 The actual evenings entertainment started with a Drag Show. I don't remember the entertainer's name but he was really quite enjoyable.
6 More of the Drag Show
8 More of the Drag Show
9 Another of the Drag Show entertainers
10 A nice bagpipe session before the contest
11 Our gracious and abusive master of services. The young assistant is his daughter.
12 Chase Masterson being introduced. The entire audience kept yelling "Dabo!" he,he.. Chase was very good humored and quite frienly and approacheable. It was nice having her at the con. (Not to mention the the fact that she's really, really pretty.)
14 Say bye-bye Chase..

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Photos by John Morgan.
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