A Day At A Con! (Dragon Con 97)

An Evening With
Torture Garden

The group Torture Garden performed an S&M demonstration one evening to a packed house. While I know that many are shocked or offended by this sort of display I gotta tell you that this was the most attended act of the con short of the costume contest. The only bummer was was that the show was cut short by the fire marshal when the candles for the hot wax came out! :( Seems there was a problem the night before with some curtains catching fire during one of the shows..

Click on the little picture to see the bigger picture.

1 Now here is a classic facial expression!
2 And the first contestant is.. I gotta tell you, I'm seriously in love..
3 A closeup
4 Another closeup
5 Look close and you'll notice that the guy in the series below has one way cool Elvis tattoo on his arm.

Uh, I think the series below speaks for itself. I'll tell you though, those whips were really moving. Mmmm, a little whipping, a little hot waxing.. Sounds like an interesting first date to me..

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Photos by John Morgan.
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