A Day At A Con! (Dragon Con 97)

The Miss Xenofem Contest

I tell ya, offer an all expense paid trip to DisKneeWorld and there's just no telling what you're going to get exposed to! This was the Miss Xenofem Contest which is a true test to discover that which is most beautiful and talented in the universe. If that is truly the case, be afraid, be very afraid! ;-) Actually, the contest was quite enjoyable and I had a really good time.

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1 The esteemed panel of judges!
2 This young lady was actually quite talented and managed an amazing belly dance with the sword always on her head.
3 Down on the floor, around in circles, never dropped the sword.
4 Guess what, she won the contest hands down and got the trip!
5 This amazingly talented young Cat Critter from planet FurrBall managed, for her talent, to sing an truly wonderful rendition of:
Meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow
6 This contestant performed a long and very energetic dance for us in which we discovered that her top was a little too small for her top, so to speak..
7 Another Cat person from outer space.. Quite a good costume actually.
8 Performing a dance for us.
9 Uh, oh. Looks like "My Little Pony" went bad!
10 Things got a little hot when our horny little pony went'a lookin fer a virgin!
11 Yet another alien lass..
12 Ahhh.. Such talent! I wish I could blow bubbles like that!

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Photos by John Morgan.
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