A really NASTY thing happened to me a couple of years ago...!

Well... I was in this race you see... And I kinda like didn't make it over that last jump... Pretty painfull actually as I managed to break my hip clean thru, blow my collar bone into 5 pieces and snap my thumb bone nicely. H ere you can the the scar from the operation, the nice bruising (notice the nice LUMP) and xray of my broken collar bone (BTW, I labeled the image wrong, my collar bone is actually in 5 pieces, not 4). And if you want to know just how nasty a person can look after 9 days and 8 nights in Club Med(ical) just take a look at this! ACK!! BTW, that's my cat Max keeping an injured daddy company after his return home from the hospital. Good thing _smell_ can't be conveyed by HTML!

Hereis a nice x-ray of all that nice new hardware I have in my leg! Here is a raw scan... 8-0 You are looking at my left hip from the front.
and here is a commented version!

Someday I'm gonna get this stuff taken out and then I am going to put it in one of those display frames and hang it on my wall...

BTW, while we are on the subject of motorcycles here are pictures of 2 of my three machines