New House!

Here is what it should looks like now that its done !

03/25/06 - DONE!

Front     Left Side 1     Left Side 2     Back     Right Side 1     Right Side 2    

12/17/05 - Week13 - Getting a little better!

They had cut the opennings for the front windows too short for the round tops and had to go back and move all the headers up. But its going right now..


11/27/05 - Week10 - Roof is up!

Front     Rear/left     Right side

9/25/05 - Week2 - WOW.. not a hole in the ground any more..

Foundation     Foundation     Foundation

9/11/05 - Week 1 - We got the call on Wed, Sep 7th that the permits had cleared and when we went by on Sunday this is what we saw: